Moltkes Bar

Simply Cocktails is made up of the team behind Moltkes Bar.

Moltkes Bar was (and still is) tucked away between salons, ballrooms, gold leaf and chandeliers in Moltkes Palace. After being abandoned for more than 50 years, an enthusiastic team brought the old bar back to life in 2009. Given this backstory, it seemed obvious that Moltkes Bar was destined to focus on those classic cocktails who stood the test of time. These cocktails became the heart and soul of the bar.

Albeit Moltkes Bar is no longer open for business, the old cocktail machine still isn’t fuelled by water. Following the closure of the bar in 2013, the team has been responsible for countless courses and seminars, while still regularly crossing the Atlantic to stay up-to-date on recent trends in the birthplace of the cocktail.

As always, the spirit takes center stage and we use the necessary time to pick out the perfect bottles. In our glasses, you will find the classic cocktails accentuating flavorful spirits through their elegant simplicty.

Simply cocktails!