The Pocket Book

Cocktails fra Café de la Reine

When Moltkes Bar opened in 2010 we sought inspiration in the American cocktail culture and its story. Later, as we started breathing life into old, forgotten cocktails, we assumed this was still the place to look.

Everything was turned topsy turvy with a visit from Tina Wassermann, who explained that her grandfather, Axel Sørensen, was a bartender at Café de la Reine in the late 1930s. Tina also told us that she had inherited his pocket book with cocktail recipes and other useful notes.

When we later had the privilege of borrowing the pocket book, a forgotten world revealed itself. From primarily being on familiar terms with the American cocktail culture we were now introduced to the drinks and pleasures of Denmark at the time. With the pocket book we were also able to discover more about the period, its available products and popular taste.

The actual pocket book has reclaimed its rightful place on Tina’s book shelf, but we all agreed that the knowledge and inspiration behind the book needed to be carried over to the next generation. Hence, The Pocket Book, is a reprint of the original pocket book by Axel Sørensen with authentic recipes from late 1930s Copenhagen bars.

The book offers a unique glimpse into the Danish cocktail culture of the past. Aside from providing interpretations of international classics there are also several recipes from the Nordic region. The Pocket Book, and the recipes within, have been reprinted in the original layout with the team from Moltkes Bar providing 12 new interpretations, with current products, and a historical context.

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The book is meant to encourage interpretation of Danish cocktails from times gone by, but also, to serve as a testimony to how Denmark, then as now, played a part in the global cocktail scene.

Lommebogen (The Pocket Book), 128 pages, DKK 135.00 (VAT included) is available upon request. Contact